where teruar’s colors are composed.
The Laboratory is the area where we preserve the color, scent, and texture of all the produce we grow in the Teruar Garden and carefully select from the loyal producers of the region, maintaining their freshness at the time of harvest.
Sustainability lies at the core of Teruar, and it begins here, within our laboratory. It is the place where we harmonize our zero-waste philosophy with the natural rhythms of our surrounding ecology.
Our daily ritual is a journey of collaboration, linking farmers to fishermen, and wineries to traditional foragers. Each morning, we engage with our local suppliers with an infectious enthusiasm that defines our identity. This laboratory is the heart of Teruar’s operations, made possible by the collective dedication of our team and our producers.

We promote local production through the Teruar Garden, where we have been cultivating seasonal vegetables, fruits, and aromatic plants on-site since our inception. Additionally, beyond the borders of Teruar, the harvest from our olive grove, boasting approximately 1100 trees on the picturesque slopes of Marmara, is pressed and transported to the Laboratory annually at the peak of its aroma.

The Laboratory is equipped with technologies that stem from the Chef’s endless curiosity to learn how to choreograph a sustainable kitchen that preserves the values of such a generous geography.

Our extracts are prepared with care in our cutting-edge proprietary culinary chamber that control temperature and pressure values to the finest degree. These micro-adjustments are unique and customized with intelligent design for each crop creating the foundational starting point of the seasonal menus at Teruar.


This study is where Teruar’s menus are alchemized into a vessel for delivering experiences.

This, at its core, is the sanctum of innovation for the Chef. His first stop on the way back from visiting the local farms, and last stop before he begins crystalizing his vision in the fast pace kitchen upstairs.