living in harmony with the land and the air.

Living by the rules of the land and air… Listening to Teruar and transforming it with respect and hard work, day by day… and sharing what we transform with excitement and joy.

Ezgi and I are in harmony on the details we admire. Our primary aim is to craft moments where materials and products are showcased in their purest form. As our rituals take shape in the kitchen, laboratory, and rooms, where they mutually sustain one another, this geography, which consistently nourishes us, binds all parts of Teruar together.

Keeping Teruar alive is an indescribable joy, an endless learning cycle—a journey of understanding what nature requests.


Before establishing Teruar, Osman Serdaroğlu, a graduate of ALMA La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana, honed his culinary expertise through years of collaboration with two 2-Michelin-starred chefs in Southern Italy.

Drawing from his experiences at Gennaro Esposito’s renowned restaurant “Torre del Saracino” in Naples and Pino Cuttaia’s acclaimed establishment “La Madia,” Osman Serdaroğlu crafted Teruar, an unparalleled gastronomic venture dedicated to celebrating Mediterranean living.

Ezgi Serdaroğlu, the orchestrator of the Teruar experience, plays a pivotal role in communicating and sustaining Osman Serdaroğlu’s culinary vision. Leveraging her professional background in communication and hotel management, Ezgi oversees Teruar’s brand development, interior design, hotel operations, and service innovations, ensuring Teruar continues to flourish.